Capsicum exporting is here

Capsicum exporting is here

Our customers trust us with their data and we aim to be good stewards. The first step we took in keeping data safe was encrypting all user data that’s stored online. Our next step is data export.

Your data is yours

You use Capsicum to help plan your day, track your habits, and tell your story. We provide the Notebooks, but the content is yours, so you should be able to take it with you whenever you like. We had a goal of getting an export feature shipped within the first 30 days of the Capsicum launch on the App Store. Today is day 29 and we’re happy to announce that starting with version 1.0.6, Capsicum Notebooks can now easily be exported. Notebooks are exported in a ZIP file, with notes saved as TXT files and habit trackers and tasks as CSV files.

New Export button in Capsicum

The how to

To export a Notebook, go to the main starting screen of the app (we call it the Notebook Selection screen). If you have multiple Notebooks, make sure the one you want to export is centered on the screen. Now press the new ‘Export’ button below. You’ll be presented with an Exporting dialog box with a progress indicator. If there is not much data, this should not take long. If you have quite a lot, it will take a little while to process. Once your data is done being processed, you will be presented with the Share Sheet. Choose a location to save your ZIP file. Some suggested places you might like to save it are to Dropbox, the Files app, or to your Mac via AirDrop.

Exporting in process in Capsicum

Export for everyone

We don’t want anyone to feel locked into Capsicum, so Export is available whether you are a subscriber or not. We hope you enjoy using the new Export feature and find it handy for your peace of mind when using the app. Heidi, our designer, also enjoys this new feature for viewing all the notes she creates for Habit Trackers at a glance and for spotting any typos she may like to fix. It could also be useful, if for example, you have a Habit Tracker for something medical you want to share with a professional. Let us know how you plan to use it! And as always, if you have any issues or concerns, you can reach out to us at


Made by @ishabazz and @heidi_helen.

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I don’t want the “Netflix of Apps”

I don’t want the “Netflix of Apps”